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Thomas R. Smith Tree Surgeons - Tree Trimming Services

Thomas R. Smith Tree Surgeons – Tree Trimming Services

Thomas R. Smith Tree Surgeons in PA, has professionals ready to trim your tree’s.

Do your tree’s need to be trimmed?

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Our cost to trim your tree is based on a few factors:

  • Potential hazards (like power lines)
  • Emergency work (after a storm or at weird hours)
  • Size of tree
  • Amount of trees
  • If you want the branches hauled away by the service
  • How easily equipment can access your trees
  • Type of Tree
  • Drive time to your location

Do my trees need to be trimmed?

We can also provide you with a tree trimming needs and provide a cost estimate.  We will let you know if a large branch over your power line is stable, or a potential threat. We will evaluate and let you know as if it is our property.

Why trim your tree?

Trimming or pruning a tree will keep it healthy. This also, makes the tree look more beautiful.

Reasons why you should trim your trees regularly:

  • Gives your tree its proper shape
  • Stimulates growth
  • Removes branches that are potential hazards
  • Helps with sun absorption
  • Increases air circulation
  • Can improve health of the crops on the tree
  • Opens up your property
  • Helps the tree fight diseases
  • Improves root health

Could I trim my own trees?

Here is what we recommend as tree experts. You should only trim your own trees if:

  • You have the equipment needed: safety glasses, thick gloves, long sleeve shirt, an extendable tool, and proper saws.
  • The branches are in an easy to access place and they are a manageable size.
  • You have confidence in your tree trimming ability.
  • There is a buddy or two to help and supervise.

There are 3 types of tree trimming available:


Crown pruning – Trimming major branches usually from storm damage or disease. A lot of people hire a tree trimming service to reduce the danger of damaging to property or power lines. This is a wise idea that will save you time, money, and stress in the long run.

Standard pruning – Trimming some small limbs and major branches.

Fine pruning – Trimming small limbs to shape the tree

If your tree is too sick, tree trimming won’t help

A great part about getting professional arborists out to your property is that they can look at the health of your trees. In this case, you will need to have your tree removed. Don’t worry, we break down the cost of this service too in our tree trimming review. Some trees are too far gone to be saved by pruning.

40 Years of Tree Care

Thomas R. Smith Tree Surgeons is always available to help you with your tree’s

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We specialize in helping you with tree care in Lansdale and Montgomery County, PA Our Tree experts are always available to give trimming help. Our licensed & insured tree expert service specializes in these kinds of scenarios. With over 40 years experience in supplying trimming tree care, our tree company has the tree equipment, tools, and experience.


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