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Tree Service with Certified Arborist with over 40 years of tree services, We offer a wide array of tree services from our certified arborist. A proactive approach to tree management is having a preventative maintenance plan for your tree’s in place. This is the Important to prevent an emergency in the future Some of the many green services we offer are;  tree service, emergency tree removal, stump grinding, pruning, cabling and bracing, soil treatment and fertilizer. We service the Montgomery County, PA


Our Local Certified Arborist Services Include:


  • Tree Roots

    We analyze tree roots and cut roots.

  • Expert Witness on Tree Problems

    We assist clients during all phases of a dispute, from before the initial legal filing through discovery and trial.

  • Tree Appraisals

    We have performed over 3,472 tree appraisals.

  • Windstorm Tree Damage

    We provide consulting and expert witness evaluation for windstorm tree failures.

  • Risk Assessment

    Why do some trees fail and others do not?

  • Tree Protection

    Before you build, let us help you plan. Our team of certified arborists has the knowledge, experience, and background to help with your next building project.

  • View Obstruction

    Obstruction problem? Let us help you resolve your view.

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Thomas R. Smith Tree Surgeons

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